EN / Post Acid - Indietronica band based in Rome, founded by singer and composer Francesca Palamidessi and bass player and composer Francesco De Palma. Both musicians share an academic musical training and a strong attitude towards research, plus an unconditional love for Japanese cuisine.

Monkey Tempura’s first record is “ready / set / go!” published in 2017 by the Italian label Filibusta Records. They have been touring around Italy and now working on a new record that will be performed live in Italy and Europe.


Vocals / Francesca Palamidessi
Keyboard, Electronics / Carlo Ferro
Bass / Francesco De Palma
Drums / Shanti Colucci



ITA / Band romana Post Acid - Indietronica, fondata dalla cantante e compositrice Francesca Palamidessi e dal bassista e compositore Francesco De Palma. Entrambi hanno una formazione accademica e una forte attitudine verso la ricerca musicale, più un amore incondizionato verso la cucina giapponese.

Il primo album dei Monkey Tempura, intitolato “ready / set / go!” è stato pubblicato nel 2017 dall’etichetta romana Filibusta Records. Il disco è stato presentato live in diverse città italiane e ha ricevuto un buon riscontro di critica, apprezzato in particolar modo per l’ecletticità e l’originalità dei brani che lo compongono. Nel 2019 girano l’Italia in tour per presentare il loro ultimo singolo “LBB” (Romolo Dischi). Al momento la band è impegnata nella realizzazione del loro secondo lavoro discografico.

Voce / Francesca Palamidessi
Tastiere, Elettronica / Carlo Ferro
Basso ed Elettronica / Francesco De Palma
Batteria / Shanti Colucci

Credits @ Fabio Germinario

Credits @ Fabio Germinario



Monkey Tempura’s genre-defying music has been described as a combination of song, electronics and experimentation with a touch of nu-soul.

Our songs tell stories of valkyries, love between robots on Mars, bureaucracy and office men changing their lives.



Pics @ Yago Partal

Pics @ Yago Partal


READY / SET / GO! is the first record by Monkey Tempura. Published in November 2017 by Roman label Filibusta Records. It features eight original tracks, each one with a specific imaginary and topic.


  1. marshall

  2. love coagulation

  3. esmeralda

  4. office at night

  5. valkyria effect

  6. horoscope

  7. lbb

  8. mars plastic

When Francesco (bass) and Francesca (voice) started working on the compositions, they outlined the necessity of writing of very human emotions and feelings through out of the box characters.

MARSHALL is a song of protest against a certain attitude in the so called indie music scenario, when it focuses more on the image and aesthetics rather than paying attention to the music content. The song is addressed to an imaginary indie singer, and it sounds a lot like a dissing.

LOVE COAGULATION, also published as a single, tells us about the bond between the feeling of true love and chemistry (science). It describes an imaginary movement happening in the veins and artieries of people who are in love.

ESMERALDA is instead a complex description of the line that separates, in the relationships between men and women, friendship and sensuality. The figure of Esmeralda is willing to connect to the men around her in a friendly way, but is constantly misunderstood by them because of her openess and kindness.

OFFICE AT NIGHT describes the world of office jobs, with their greyness and alienation. The main character of the song can’t stand the environment around him anymore, so he starts an inner rebellion which leads him to freedom.

VALKYRIA EFFECT is the story of a femminine superheroin that fights evil. Because of her superpowers she can clearly see the sickness of this world and she also has to face the huge sense of responsibility that grips her.

HOROSCOPE describes a man who is never happy with himself and feels inadequate. Instead of facing the real world he looks for his answers in the daily horoscope. You’ve got to trust the stars.

LBB (against bureaucracy) paints bureaucracy like a femminine sexual character who is scary and fascinating at the same time. We all need to go through it, but we fear it.

MARS PLASTIC is a love story between robots. One reports a damage while travelling to Mars, and the other comes rescuing it. In the end, the rescuing robot will donate his components to save the other, but won’t be able to return to his planet itself.


Music & lyrics by Monkey Tempura. Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Kent Industries music studios (LT). Published and distributed by Filibusta Records. Graphics by Monkey Tempura, pics by Yago Partal.